Saturday, October 15, 2011

One Hundred Steps to Zero Waste

You can get to zero waste any which way you like as far as I’m concerned, but for those of us tight on time and looking to make big changes as easily as possible it’s nice to have a clear plan with an end in mind. And so I present One Hundred Baby Steps to Zero Waste. I’ve included the full list here, but click the links (which are coming soon, I promise) for more instructions, ideas, and discussions on each step.

One hundred steps may seem like a lot, but I’ve staggered them out so work intensive days are mixed in with simple tasks and reading days, and nothing says you have to complete a task a day. Even just doing one step every other day will get your household to zero waste in less than a year.

Remember, zero waste is meant not only to help the planet, but to you create a meaningful, enjoyable, and minimal-stress life. If any of these steps don’t work for your lifestyle, find something that works for you, and share it with us in the comments.
28. Start Eating Out in Zero Waste Style
29. Evaluate Your Everyday Carry
30. Get Your Finances in Order
31. Take a Look at Your Personal Care Products, Including Makeup
32. Take a Walk Around Your Neighborhood
33. Clean Out Your Car, and Re-Evaluate Your Transportation
34. Volunteer
35. Start Collecting Zero Waste Recipes for Food and Body
36. Clean Out Your Bathroom
37. Evaluate Your Hobbies
38. Clean Out Your Craft Cupboard
39. Zero Waste Your Laundry
40. Find Zero Waste Games and Activities for You and Your Family
41. Watch a Documentary
42. Learn to Fix Things
43. Get a Houseplant
44. Audit Your Shopping List
45. (Re)Discover Freecycle
46. Find Some Local Shops You Like
47. Explore "Hippy" Solutions
48. Make a List of Ten Waste Free Gifts
49. Clean Out Your Kitchen Gadgets
50. Try Gardening
51. Optimize Your Storage for "Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without"
52. Get Your Storage and Decor In Order
53. Pick Something Fun to Hold Your Remaining Garbage In
54. Share Your Journey
55. Make Some Zero Waste Gift Wrap
56. Decide What You Want Your Legacy To Be
57. Pick Your Favorite Heirlooms and Knick-Knacks
58. Get a Memory Box or Book
59. Make Your Bedroom into an Oasis
60. Designate a Landing Zone
61. Organize Your Photos
62.Become an Organ Donor
63. Digitally Back-Up Everything
64. Play With Essential Oils
65. Petition for More Water Bottle Refill Stations and Hand Dryers
66. Write Another Letter
67. Start a Tool Kit
68. Start a Sewing Kit
69. PEEP (a Place for Everything and Everything in its Place)
70. Give Cubbies a Try
71. Familiarize Yourself with Zero Waste Research
72. Write a Letter to Your City
73. Become Re-Inspired
74. Try Canning Tomatoes, or Other Favorite Food
75. Share Your Zero Waste Resources
76. Volunteer at a Local School
77. Make a Will and Testament
78. Donate Blood
79. Evaluate Your Routines and Schedules
80. Zero Waste Your Pest Control
81. Clean Your Carpets (With Hydrogen Peroxide)
82. Install Some Kind of Grey Water System
83. Expand Your Garden
84. Start Saving for Solar Power
85. Write a Letter to Your Utility Company
86. Find Zero Waste High-Wear Clothing (to replace your grunderwear)
87. Zero Waste Your Vacation
88. Ensure Your Retirement
89. Vote and Participate in Politics
90. Learn the Ins and Outs of Etsy, E-bay, etc.
91. Replace Broken Electronics Zero Waste Style
92. Write Yet Another Letter
93. Declutter Your Basement, Attic, and/or Garage
94. Evaluate Your Media Collections
95. Donate to Your Local Food Bank
96. Keep a Zero Waste Pet
97. Have Your Home Audited
98. Photograph Your Waste
99. Keep Calm and Carry On
100. Do Something Creative Every Day

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